Mixed Martial Arts
MMA or Mixed Martial Arts was made popular by the UFC. Here at the Vasquez Academy we offer a combination of classes which will get you in great shape while teaching and educating you on the martial arts. The Vasquez Academy caters to the beginners, but we have and will work with the professional and amateur fighters! Whatever your goals are, loss weight, self-defense or competition the Vasquez Academy can help you reach those goals or needs!

Boxing and Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)
Boxing has been around forever! The athletes are in amazing shape! Muay Thai / Kickboxing is Boxing with the addition of kicks, knees and elbow strikes as well! These classes are great for condition and self-defense! If you want to compete and possibly go to the Olympics or fight as a pro we can help you with those dreams and goals as well! Here at The Vasquez Academy we want to help, so give us a call to get you started!

What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?
The art of BJJ was started in Brazil by the famous Gracie family. This art and family started what is the UFC today by challenging all the Arts and fighters of the world with NO rules or gloves! This BJJ is for everyone, it teaches leverage and technique and tools to win and defend yourself against bigger and stronger opponents!

Kids Program
This new program is a combination of karate, Boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! Children are taught discipline, respect and commitment! This program is a good outlet for excess energy and frustration! Kids are able to release this in a positive and physically beneficial way!
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