How well can you defend yourself in a street fight?

Vasquez Academy BJJ Street Combatives is a highly specialized program for street scenarios, designed to teach proven techniques for self defense and awareness. Some classes will involve some degree of striking, as well as weapons handling.

This training program is focused on proven techniques for use in scenarios off the mat, but will apply equally well on the mat. This course is fundamentally based on BJJ, but grounded in a variety of MMA techniques, aimed at dealing with real world scenarios.

Learn how to get the upper hand, even when attacked by surprise. Develop the skills to avoid a fight all together or finish a fight you can not avoid, with the least amount of personal injury. Learn to read attackers intentions and develop the skills to deal with sticks, bats, knives and other weapons that can be concealed from your site.

This course is included with your Vasquez Academy membership, while non member guests of members are welcome to attend free of charge. This is an adult course, but well supervised children with BJJ training are welcome to attend.

Attire: No-GI, a rash guard shirt and rash guard pants/shorts are recommend, but standard boxing shorts and a cotton tee shirt may be used.

Note: A mouth piece is recommended for some exercises.

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