Bullying is a major problem for many parents and their children. Ending bullying it can start with just one child… have it start with yours!

Kids/Family MMA Program

This program is a combination of karate, Boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

This is a great outlet for excess energy and frustration, as participants are able to release this energy in a positive and physically beneficial way!

Professor Rudy Vasquez and his team of experienced instructors, are well versed in working with children age four and up, including those with learning and/or physical disabilities.

If your child has too much energy or simply needs a new outlet, untethered from electronic devices, that works their mind and body, while building their knowledge and self confidence, than look no further. Vasquez Academy has decades of experience teaching both children and adults.

Want to bully proof your child?
It all starts with building their self confidence and teaching them self defense.

This program is open to parents and grand parents of children participating as well.

Enrolling Students Now! (512) 413-0187

Coming Soon: Adult only classes during the same time slot as the kids, for parents and grand parents wishing to participate, but without the added distraction of the kids.