The very foundation of UFC today is Mixed Martial Arts.

Take what you know and apply it with the techniques taught at Vasquez Academy, for a true MMA experience. Work with beginners or learn from the masters, in this heart pounding, cardio building, full contact training program.

Participants learn various different attack and defense techniques, with the added benefit of a physically demanding cardio workout. If you truly want a heart pounding workout, without the mundane boredom of exercise programs, this is for you!

Want to take your boxing into the world of ground combat?

Do your kicks leave you vulnerable to being taken down by grappler’s and wrestler’s?

Do you fear take downs, or being kicked or punched?

How will you react if someone knocks you down and starts punching or kicking you, as you lay on the ground?

MMA sparring can teach you how to condition your mind and body, so you don’t freeze when something goes wrong. MMA sparring gives you a little of everything, helping you find and fix your weaknesses, or sharpen your natural talent.

Punching, kicking and take downs are involved in this class, but in all cases, striking and kicking are limited to stated limits, assessed, stated and enforced by experienced instructors.

Note: Sparring gear is required for these classes. Head protection is required, while a mouth piece, MMA sparring gloves or 16oz boxing gloves and shin protection are highly recommended.

Event Timeslots (1)

MMA sparring class. Head protection required, Gloves and Shin Guards recommended. Beginner thru advanced students.

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