While the safety of everyone is important, women in particular are at a big disadvantage when it comes to the strength and size of most attackers. The number of daily attacks against women is staggering, with the outcome of most attacks being life altering for the woman and in many cases even fatal. Often times, the smallest bit of knowledge, can be the difference between escaping/defending, or becoming the victim.

At Vasquez Academy, we teach a very structured program of techniques, that builds on the strengths of a woman’s intuition and perceptiveness, maximizing her ability to not only avoid situations entirely, but escape or defend herself and others, against attackers of any size.

We have designed our program to remove as much apprehension as possible, allowing every woman to be able to fully and confidently learn and practice these techniques, in a safe, female only environment.

This program is for mature female teens and adult women only and our program is taught by adult female instructors.

We apologize, but there are absolutely no adult male spectators or participants permitted in the facility during these classes. You may bring young children, but a responsible non participating non adult male, is required in cases where children require adult supervision.

Women’s Empowerment/Self Defense Classes will open your eyes to what threats lay in waiting and how to avoid or best deal with them. These techniques do require physical effort on the part of the participants and often has the added benefit of being a great workout as well. All women can benefit from this program and exceptional athletic ability is NOT required.

Do something for yourself and others, that will build your confidence and give you a competitive edge against would be attackers.

This course is free to the public, but space is limited to 40 students per class. Please RSVP by calling (512) 413-0187 to reserve your spot(s).

Just one class will open your eyes to a whole new world of female empowerment, so imagine what several classes might do for you, or someone you love!

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FREE Womens Empowerment-Self Defense Classes

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